Equipment Templates updated to include SMs

Equipment Templates in LINKPlanner


Equipment Templates can be defined for PTP links and PMP Equipment. The default Equipment Template will be used to configure each new PTP link, access point or subscriber module in the project. If the project does not contain an appropriate equipment template then a default template will be generated when required. This will then become the default equipment template.

A project can contain multiple equipment templates and, when combined with Project Templates, they make it very easy to create many links or access points with a common starting configuration.

Existing links or access points can be configured with a template making it easy to quickly change the configuration of one or more items.



Creating a Template


To create a new equipment template click the appropriate node in the Navigation Tree under Project Configuration. The PTP Equipment Templates node is used to define the templates for PTP links and the PMP Equipment Templates node is used to define the templates for access points and subscriber modules. When the template panel appears, click on the New Template button. The Equipment Template Editor will appear.

Note: The dialog will show a panel similar to the PTP link panel or a composite of the access point and subscriber module panel as appropriate.


PTP Equipment Template Dialog

The equipment template can be configured in the same manner as a regular link or access point.

Note: For PTP links, only the Primary to Primary path or Link A can be configured for 1+1 and 2+0 links. The other paths or Link B will be configured with the same parameters as the Primary to Primary path or Link A.

Optional extras can also be added to the BOM section of the template, any item that uses the template will then also include the extras.

PMP Equipment Template Dialog


Setting the Default Equipment Template


The default equipment template will be used to configure any new links or access points.

Navigate to the Project Configuration tree and select the appropriate template (PTP or PMP). On the equipment template list select a template which needs to be set as default. There are three ways to set the default equipment template.

  • Click image006.png
  • Edit the template and tick Set as default
  • Right-click on the template and choose Set as default from the equipment template pop-up menu.


Creating a Template from an Existing PTP Link or Access Point

An equipment template can be created using the settings of an existing link or access point. For PTP links, navigate to the PTP Links page and select the appropriate link. For access points, select the access points from the Access Points table under the PMP Links page or on a Hub page. Next, right-click and click Save as equipment template from the pop-up menu.

When creating a PMP Equipment Template from an access point, which has subscribers attached to it, the subscriber module equipment is based on the configuration of the first subscriber in the list. If there are no subscribers attached to the access point it uses the default subscriber module equipment configuration.


Applying an Equipment Template

An existing equipment template can be applied to one or more links or access points. To do this, navigate to one of the table views such as the PTP Links page or the Access Points table on the PMP Links or Hub page. Then select the items that will have the template applied. Right-click on one of the selections to display the Links Pop-up Menu. Click Apply equipment template and then choose the appropriate equipment template from the sub-menu.



On an Access Point an additional question is then asked:



Choose “Yes” to change all of the subscriber modules on the Access Point to the default settings in the template, or choose “No” to only change the Access Point parameters and keep the subscriber modules with their individual settings where possible.


Editing a Template


To edit a template, either:

  • Select the template from the list in the appropriate panel of equipment templates and then click Edit Template
  • Double-click a template from the equipment template list


Deleting Templates


One or more equipment templates can be removed from the project. Select one or more templates from the equipment template list:

  • On Windows, hold the Ctrl key when selecting.
  • On OSX, hold the Command key when selecting (on some Apple keyboards, this key also has an Apple logo).

Once the templates have been selected, either click the Delete button or right-click in the Equipment Template list and choose Delete from the Equipment Templates Pop-up Menu.



Copying Equipment Templates


One or more equipment templates can be copied from the Equipment Templates list. Once templates have been selected, right-click in the list and choose Copy from the Equipment Templates Pop-up Menu.



Pasting Equipment Templates


If the clipboard contains any equipment templates then the paste commands will be enabled. Click on the paste icon image012.pngor in the main menu select Edit ->Paste to paste the equipment templates into the current project.