errno = 20

I am receiving the following text :

Unable to discover cnMaestro URL (re-discover in 74 seconds)
Server certificated validation failed errno = 20, err =  unable to get local issuer certificate

 I wonder if there is a known solution for this 


certificate validation is mandatory for on-boarding devices to

Please provide more details to where you are trying on-board, is it the cambium cloud or an On-Premises version. 

In case it is the latter try configuring the On-Premises VM IP address directly in the "cnMaestro Static URL" option in the device GUI and see if it helps. 

Once instance where customers have faced problem is when they resolve to their On-Premises IP address locally. 



Thank you, I am trying to onbard to the Cloud cnMaestro.


   So you do not have any On-Premises version of cnMaestro installed locally right ? Can you please send us the device logs and also provide the output of  " ping"