error messages and their possible solutions

can anyone please tell me in brief about following error menaings and if, possible solutions…

device: 5.2 GHz BH10 + 27rd reflecctors
link distance: 8 mile
no CMM, master providing syncs. Location has 2 links, opposite direction, different freq ranges (5.2 and 5.7)

5.2 GHz BH

1. RSSI out of range (radio statistics/slave)
2. Receive corrupt data count (radio statistics/slave)
3. In sync count (radio statistics/slave)
4. out of sync count (radio statistics/slave)
5. late collisions (ethernet control block statistics/slave)
6. inerrors
7. outoctets count
8. outnucastpkts count
9. outerrors


Those are several errors…
looks like some ethernet negociation problems, upgrade to software 9.0 and look for the best negociation speed, try auto and forced.
The others errors are on the wireless side, week link