Error. Unpack failed Epmp 2000 version 3.4.1

Hi, I have a problem with two epmp 2000. Both have version 3.4.1 when I try to upgrade to version 3.5.1 tells me that: unpack falied. I downloaded the software several times, I changed the browser, pc but nothing always the same problem on both the epmp. Thank you


Can you please confirm you are using the ePMP-GPS_Synced-v3.5.1.tar.gz file and NOT the ePMP-NonGPS_Synced-v3.5.1.tar.gz file?

Also, please use the tar.gz file as-is. Do not unzip it. 


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Adding screenshot for clarity. 

Hi, the process is what you described.
I add some screenshots of the errors.
Thank you


Perhaps it’s just a display thing on the PC but I don’t see the .gz extension on the file. Did you unzip it?

no, it is not decompressed. It's a question of visualization (mac usage), the file is downloaded from the cambium site and I tried to update it, without modifying it.


Please contact our support engineers at so they can work with you on this over the phone.

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