Error while trying to perform a link budget

Good day sir, 

I was able to run the new link plan and all went well, trying to do a link budget for  a prospect and here is what I got, I think I still have to be tot on how to use this new improved link planner, Please can someone help me on how to go about doing a link budget, below is a screenshot of the error message I get when trying to perform a link budget.



The basics of designing a link in this version are exactly the same as before. What is new is that we are now including the clutter on the path, which can mean that the paths are no longer line of sight. When you see a path like this where the clutter is obstructing the path, you can see the impact in the performance summary where there is a high excess path loss, resulting in very low receive powers and a negative system gain margin. This is a good indicator that you need to take a much closer look at the link and make some decisions.

The clutter has two aspects a classification (the type of clutter) and a default height. Both of these need to be considered as the clutter may be the correct type but in your local area the default height may be different. The default heights can be changed by selecting Edit in the Clutter Heights panel.


It may also be the case that the clutter type is not correct for the local area and in which case the clutter type may need changing, this can be changed for individual points along the path in the path profile editor.


As well as the obstructions in the middle of the path, the clutter type close to each end of the link is also very important as it can affect the antenna height selected. If the antenna height is lower than the clutter height close to the end of the link this can result in very high obstruction losses.