errors in 15.1?!?!

hi guys,

we  have had quite a few customers call in because their internet service is dropping. Most of these radios are 8x/8x, there are no CRC errors, and cnMaestro data says that they have never dropped. we started having this problem around one month ago--when we moved to 15.1 software. at the same time, we have reduced our broadcast repeat counts to 0 on the AP as well as increased the contention slots to 8 (we operate in the 5ms frame) could it be the software? any other ideas? 

How long are these outages?  How many SMs are on the AP?  Are you monitoring throughput or frame utilization on these?

I am guessing (based on your other posts) that you're talking about 900 MHz equipment here.   What channel size are you using?  Have you done spectral analysis lately (maybe an interferer moved into the area recently -- I know that ComEd installed a 900 MHz SmartMeter on my home last month)?


all of these customers are 450i radios, some in 5.8 and 5.1 spectrum. these outages, according to customers, are between 5-10 minutes long. for one SM, there are 21 SMs on this AP. 

monitoring throughput = between 5-10 meg

frame utilization on this AP = 19% down, 10% up.

Do the SMs (where outages are reported) show incremental registrations or sesssion drops?

5-10 minutes seems like a long time.  There should be indications of what's going on in the event logs and statistics.

You may want to open a ticket with support to have them gather the appropriate captures, which might show why this is going on.

the SMs show some incremantal registrations and session drops, some SMs more than others.

how do i open a ticket with support?

Go to this support web page and fill in the requested informatoin: