ETH1 not showing up on CNMaestro 2.1

I have installed the new version that is meant to allow two NICS.. Mind you the last version did we just edited the /etc/network/interfaces file and all was good.

Now however the file is generated by cnmaestro-networking. So all changes are overwritten.

Hence trying to use the system that cambium has put in play.

Well it would be good for a start if cambium updated their readme file or user guide to actually be in this century.

5 seconds in and you can tell it was made a long time ago and never updated. poor really..

And so far the support centre just wants to ask the same questions that i answered while putting in the jobs... grr..

So has anyone actually got two nics to work in the new version yet?

Hi Jason -- we added configuration for the eth1 interface into the CLI, but it will only be available in the 2.2 release (March timeframe). The Release Notes are incorrect, and I will update them. In 2.2, the eth1 interface is optionally configured for IPv4/IPv6 control traffic. If this is a non-production environment, and you want to evaluate it, send me a private message, and I can provide details to enable it.