Has anyone passed an Etherchannel/LACP port accross PTP-800 series radio? Any special setup or configurations.

PTP800 transparently pass any traffic, this includes LACP control traffic. There is no special configuration required for this to work.

I'm assuming that the PTP 800 link will be one of the physical links making up the aggregation group with LACP or EtherChannel. As Yonghao points out, the PTP 800 link is transparent to the LACP frames. However, two things you might want to think about are:

(a) LACP attempts to share the traffic evenly between the available physical links, regardless of the capacity of the individual links. LACP works best when the individual links have similar capacity. Sharing between fiber and microwave might not work well.

(b) In-band management of the PTP 800 will not work properly, because there isn't an easy way to force the aggregating switch to forward management traffic at the correct physical port. This is not a problem if you use out-of-band management.

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Hello I have implemented the following solution (see attached image), as would be the out-of-band management of all PTP650 radios.

I currently have the port of the radios connected between them (site 2 and site 3).

It is necessary to connect the out-of-band management of the radios to the same switch to which the data arrives (site 1 and site 4).