Ethernet interface frequently responds with time outs.


I am new to Canopy.

I am currently setting up a backhaul 5.7 Ghz system for a customer.

When i ping the device to ensure it is “up” from an ethernet sense i get frequent time outs on the ping.

There seems to be some kind of pattern that may or may not indicate the problem.

With the ping -t command issued to a canopy BH Master, connected to a hub (my laptop is the only other device connected to the hub), i receive:

12 successful ping replies, then 5 timeouts, 10 good replys, 5 timeouts.

Always seems to be 5 timeouts.

Can anybody offer me assitance on this one ??



Is this Backhaul Master connected to a Backhaul Slave via RF when you notice that your pings time out? If so, can you identify whether or not data is being transmitted on the link at the time of the test also?

Have you tried connecting the BHM directly into your PC to see if the timeouts go away? If they do go away, it could be a problem with the hub. I have seen devices that fail to respond to continiuous pings, while passing data, but never more than 2 timeouts. I cannot be 100% completely certain, but I believe the units continued to pass data when the time-outs occured.

Connect your PC to the BHm directly to eliminate the hub.

Try a different Ethernet cable. If the BHm is installed, bring it down and test it at your desk.

Try a different PC.

Try the same test when directly connected to the BH slave. Switch the slave to master-mode and try it again.

All these suggestions may seem obvious, but the only thing I can think of is to simplify the test setup as much as possible until you find something that works as expected.