Ethernet Interface

What would cause the ethernet interface in MRTG for a subscriber to show up as 10Base half duplex instead of 100Base full duplex? I only have one subscriber that appears this way.

He did a self install of his equipment and made his own cables, and then he took those out and used the ones we provided for him; still no difference.

The performance of his connection is great, just wondering what causes the difference.

I would say maybe he made the wires incorrectly but…

maybe his NIC/hub/switch is only 10mbit? If not, may be a setting in the ethernet properties on either SM or NIC. also, but probably not if MRTG is reading everything else fine, but you might be missing an extra ‘0’ somewhere in the mrtg conf.

hope this points you in the right direction.

We found a setting on the DLink router to change it to 100base Full Duplex.