Ethernet Issue with 900Mhz SM


I have been working on another issue with a 900Mhz link, so I decided to move abit closer to test the SM and AP, since this will be the first SM on this AP. So I went and drove to a point in between the two where I had a clear los and so I am sitting in my truck and puull out the SM, my laptop, and my alignment headset. I fire it all up and start a continuous ping from my laptop to the SM, (at this point the SM is sitting face down in my lap) it pings just fine and I can get into the web interface. As soon as I start to direct the SM towards the AP site, (which I can see clearly see) I loose the ethernet connection, and as soon as I lay the SM back down in my lap I regain the ethernet connection back. The alignment tone is very good, as well.

This is weird, has anyone else seen this?



I ran into that type of thing once when I botched crimping the Ethernet cable. The cable would work fine untill I moved it. I guess the connection was just barely made, and flexing the cable was enough to break the connection on the faulty pin(s).

Sounds like the connection working only when you are radiating your crotch is just a red hearing.

One a side note:

GPE wrote:
the SM is sitting face down in my lap

Do you plan on having children? May want to stop doing that… :lol:

Good point :roll: , thank goodness we are done with kids, what was I thinking :shock:

The ethernet cable could be the problem, but it is a premade cable we bought, I did not make these. I will try another though.