Hello, theres a way to disable the ePMP LAN port ?

Not at this time.

Ola CambiumSri, qual a previsão de firmware para termos esta função de desativar a LAN ?

Hello, We are working on enabling CLI access to ePMP. It is currently targeted for a Q4 2014 release. With CLI access you will be able to disable the LAN port through command-line.

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Olá, Estamos trabalhando para possibilitar o acesso CLI para ePMP. Ele é atualmente alvo de um Q4 2014 release. Com acesso CLI você será capaz de desativar a porta LAN através de linha de comando.

Legal Cambium Sri, Obrigado.

It /IS/ possible, however, to enable L2 firewall with a single rule to block ethernet frame type 0x0806 on LAN interface - prevents ARP. Add&enable rule and reboot device. (we leave the rule always defined, enable/disable L2 firewalling to suspend/restore connection)


this option is available ?

Hi Aero_Ramon, 

This option is not available yet. In this post:, Seth explains a firewall setting that can enable/disable LAN access on the SM. However, I can see from that post that it is not working for you in NAT mode. We will post another set of firewall rules early next week to enable/disable access through the LAN side when NAT is enabled on the SM. 


Hi.  I'm not sure if this would be possible in the ePMP firewall or not - but on some other gear we use, we use a Firewall script to re-direct (rather than block) all access to a different IP.

forward tcp to 80 from any to any 80 out via wpci1

So, you can put a server online (IP of in this example) with a ''PLEASE CALL XYZ INTERNET AT 123-4567" webpage on it - or you can redirect it to your ''online payment'' page.  That way, when there is a non-payer, it's not just turning off their LAN connection, it instead re-directs then to your info page.  We find that much more effective in getting paid - everyone in the house knows that the internt isn't broken, they know it's a 'please call us' issue.  Also, if it's clients who have moved out and new tennants move in - if they plug anything into our ethernet, they see the same message and they know who the ISP in the house is, which helps get new clients when a house is sold or rented to someone new.

By the way, that particular rule above only redirects port 80 - so web browsing.  That way, if we want, we canleave email and secure stuff on for a warning period, and only redirect web browsing for a few days to get someone's attention, before redirecting everything.

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Ninedd i think your idea is pretty awesome. I will recommend this to my boss. Thank you very much


any updates on this? I see you guys said Q4 of 2014.. can we disable ethernet yet?

Hi Timothy, 

This functionality is now targetted for release 2.4.1 scheduled for an April release. We hope to have a beta release before that. 





Any update? 

What is the status of Lan Disable on the ePMP radios?

Hi Danny, 

This is an old thread. LAN Enable/Disable has been supported for a while. Any of the new release has this support. 



Where is this at in the GUI?

Its under Configuration > Network > Ethernet Port > Ethernet Port on the SM. 

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