Ethernet link LED is flashing on 5.7Ghz 20Mbps BH

Our Canopy has been working well for about two months without any interruption.
Today, we suddenly lost the connection (without anybody doing anything to the Canopy…)
Now, the ethernet link LED on our switch (end-point of the cable to the canopy) is flashing. One second ON, one second OFF. On some flash, the LED stays open only for a fraction of second and then it continues.

Any idea? We had a big rain tomorrow maybe that’s the problem?
If the network cable is submerged in water along the way outdoor to the switch, can it cause problems with data transmission or link quality?
Thank you very much.

If the cabling you are using is not direct burial then you could have issues with submersion.

Also, with a big rain you could have a wet connector at the radio.

First thing I would do is make a temporary test cable from the switch to the radio. If it starts working, re-terminate both ends of the cable. If not, replace the whole cable.

Looks like we’ve found the problem!

At first, I went up the tower and see nothing special (everything was fine). Then my colleague who was near the main switch has found the problem:

It turns out that the problem was not actually on the Canopy itself, nor on the cable, but rather on the main switch! (On which the Canopy is ultimately plugged on our network).
We have changed the switch port where the canopy cable was plugged in and now it has been stable since yesterday.

This is weird, I thought we could have more confidence in switches theses days… it turns out I was wrong…

Thank you for your help anyways!