Ethernet Lockups and Errors

FYI: … over-power

It is not clear to me why we have been successful in correcting our syncjector to AP ethernet problems by inserting a custom built cable to keep the ethernet signal out of the syncjector and allow only the power to go from the syncjector to the canopy AP for sync over power. Without the jumper we usually cannot use either 100 Mbps setting on the ethernet port without problems. The jumper allows us to use 100 Mbps full duplex with no issue. I have come across this problem and remedy on 3 of our sites.

We just ordered syncpipe parasitic, is this applicable here as well? We are planning on trying to have less than 4 feet of cable between the parasitic and the AP?

The POE up to the parasitic should not be affected here should it?
If we had to repin this it would just be between the syncpipe and the AP right? since thats all thats going to be carrying the Sync signal right?

The parasitic does not feed sync over the power into the AP. The parasitic is powered by the ethernet just as the canopy is and then sends sync to the AP via the rj12 connection. Our problem has only been using the sync injector to send sync via the power to the AP.