Ethernet mac hitting


What is the maximum mac hitting capacity of PTP650 ?



Could you expand on the question please?



We established a PTP link form A -B.

A is the Master and B is the Slave.

A side having 70 clients (Computers), B side 50 clients.

And my problem is Master device getting ping drop (8 ping drop) in local itself.

This is repeated thrice a day.

So i am asking is  there any lMac address hitting limit with the PTP650 Ethernet settings ?


Thanks for clarifying the question.

PTP 650 forwards Ethernet frames between the two ends of the link without learning any MAC addresses. It doesn't have (or need) a filter database, and so there is no limit on the number of devices that can be connected at each side of the link. You are certainly not hitting a limit on the number of MAC addresses.

Could explain a bit more about the ping loss? Which device is generating the ping, and which device is supposed to be responding?

Thanks, Mark