Ethernet on 820S stops working?

I have a link that has been running for about 3 months now. It's ethernet just stops working randomly and we have to do a manual reboot of the unit to get it back up.  I've replaced the PoE and rebooted the switch, changed ports, etc.  Same issues keep happening?  This link is super critical and I'm wondering what I can do here.  

Fault logs show the ethernet interface going up and down. Sometimes only 1 second.  Then, it gets to a point where you cannot log into the radio at all and it requires the aforementioned manual reboot.  When it gets into this stage, the switch still shows a gigabit link but nobody is home.  The switch logs do not match the ethernet fault logs which leads me to believe this is soley an issue with the 820 unit. We are using the copper ethernet port for power and data.  


Pleas contact customer support and they’ll work through this. Be sure to reference this post. You may be asked to provide unit info files—I suspect we may have to forward this to development engineering.

I’m sorry the link is having this problem!


Thanks David,

One more question, if I follow the backup config procedures does it take the radio down while making the config backup or when it exports the config file to the ftp server?  

Creating the backup and FTP’ing it to the server will not take the link down.

Applying the backup, especially if it changes the channel bandwidth or modulation mode, may take the link down.

I hope this helps!


I have a link doing the same thing. I was hoping 9.2 would fix it.. john

Have you called customer support?


Me three.  Is it likely v9.2 will address this or do we need to try something else.  I'm inclined to use the SFP cage and eliminate copper Ethernet.  Is that a good plan or will the issue just move to that interface?  Critical link, backup is 5Ghz, and we've been running on it since this behavior reappeared 3 weeks ago.