I have one problematiic PMP450 AP that occasionally goes offline requiring a power cycle to recover.

05/17/2015 : 13:19:42 PDT : :Detected Ethernet Tx stalled - recovering now. Please contact Canopy Support at

No other information is logged even though the unit was offline again this morning.

Device Information
Device Type :
5.7GHz MIMO OFDM - Access Point - 0a-00-3e-a1-93-5d
Board Type :
P12 C200
Software Version :
Board MSN :
FPGA Version :
PLD Version :
Uptime :
System Time :
06:55:49 05/24/2015 PDT
Ethernet Interface :
100Base-TX Full Duplex
Regulatory :
Antenna Type :
Channel Frequency :
5840.0 MHz
Channel Bandwidth :
20.0 MHz
Cyclic Prefix :
Color Code :
Max Range :
10 Miles
Transmit Power :
19 dBm
Temperature :
26 °C / 79 °F

Hi Mr.Hughes,

Could you please write a e mail to Support@cambiumnetworks with the CNUT Capture also while sending e mail please give us your contact information and Best time to Reach along with your country so we can call you and address the issue appropriately.

Here is how you can get CNUT capture.

0. Download and install the latest CNUT software at:

1. In the CNUT select: Edit --> add elements to network root

2. select the relevant network type from the drop down list

3. enter the ip addresses of all the elements of type selected above that you have in your system

e.g., if you have 10 AP's enter the 10 ip address of the AP's, if these elements have different passwords you must do them one by one as the password needs to be entered in the boxes.

4. Select OK

5. All elements in your network can be added like this but, do not add SM's as they can be AUTO-Detected via the AP's.

6. Select each element via the tick box on the left hand side of the screen

7. Now select View --> Refresh/Discover network selected elements or, discover entire network. This will now contact all the elements in your network and store information about them but, not yet to file.

To store to file............

8. Select Tools --> gather customer support information

9. Select the "selected network elements" radio button

10. Click OK

11. The file that is most important is the generated report file - this will contain the configs (first item)

12. Specify a directory to save the file to.

13. select Run

14. The file is generated and failures will be posted.

15. Find the Generated Report file (zip) and send it to us please.