European Connectorized AP module

I purchased a european module connectorized for testing and i have some questions i can’t find the answers to in any documentation.

1) RSSI strength at base is very low with a omni, around 500-600 on most client, but the client RSSI is often > 1000. if i do a linktest the efficiencies are often 98-100, which should i go by? also if the signal says its too weak to connect, is there a way to lower the necessary link to like 200 rssi( i notice if i move a connected AP around, itll stay connected with a weak rssi but ill have to get a good signal for it to connect again. is it also just the omni that is screwing up the RSSI readings

2) DFS(dynamic frequency selection), once this is enabled, where can i tell what frequency it is transmitting on and does this even work because every time i set this it seems when i pick ap eval info on a SM to just be the frequency selected

3) Adjustable Power does this box have any bearing on the output power, whatever i set it to when i pick extended info and status it always gives me the same number of power output which is pretty low compared to a normal AP(about -17, -18), and the rssi & power remains the same on both sides no matter what its set to