Event Log question

What dose this mean ?

File C:/ISIPPC/pssppc.250/bsps/devices/whisp/syslog.c : Line 914 System Reset

Many messages don’t mean anything on their own, but when coupled with the messages prior and possibly after are much more meaningful.

I would recommend contacting Canopy Support with the entire event log along with:

- the type of unit this came off of (AP, SM, BH)
- the sw version and FPGA version (from the status page)
- as well as information on what features were enabled (like HW scheduler, NAT, VLAN, etc)


Scroll back a few lines and look for either a line like (telnet command to reboot can be from CNUT update of radio)

20:25:02 UT : 01/14/00 : File root.c : Line 2926 Reset from Telnet command line.

or (HTTP command to reset - an operator reboot radio)

00:21:46 UT : 01/10/00 : File httptask.c : Line 634 Reboot from Webpage.

If you do NOT observe one of these lines, then it usually means the radio has lost power.