Ex1028P fails after software upgrades

Upgraded firmware on this unit twice now with latest firmware. After Firmware update is completed, switch goes offline and does not come back up and is not available thru local network cnmaestro.

Hard power cycle is oy way to bring switch back online. Once that is done the switch works flawless until the next firmware update is released, and firmware is upgraded again.

My fear is that DC models at a remote tower site this will happen and require a service tech to go power cycle the switch.

Switch did same thing in test environment with a single Ethernet connected to it for management and configuration, before being deployed to customer premise. Now that at customer we have no access to it and are forced go onsite to reboot switch to get network working again.

Last update was going from 4.2.1-r5 to 4.3-r3

Hi, we are not aware of such behavior. Please open a ticket and send me the ticket number (email: tng100@cambiumnetworks.com) so I can assist you further.

Okay when i get ready to go onsite I will open a ticket the day before.

Thank you

Ticket has been opened due to yet another issue. Customer site lost power during scheduled power outage UPS finally ran out of backup power so everythign shut down.

Power restored all network and computers came back up EXCEPT for Cambium Ex1028P unit shows power light, also shows flashing cnmaestro light. We can’t log into unit via ethernet as ethernet ports don’t enable when in this state. Customer had to power cycle unit just like after firmware upgrades.

This thing has issues and really stinks because this was a promising unit.

I would hate to deploy these at a tower site and power goes out and then returns and the site is still down because the switch won’t boot back up without someone physically removing power to it and back on. A ticket has been opened and someone supposedly is looking at it but at first it was OH check power check cables and power source to make sure it has power etc etc etc. Then let it sit for a few days and see if it still happens.

We are not amateurs here and know when something is very wrong and beyond our expertise when it appears to be a software or possibly hardware issue.


I have a bunch of these deployed at sites where power is iffy and haven’t had any issues though I’m not on the latest software revs at the moment.That sounds awfully like a bad unit.

Please include the configuration in the ticket, and share the ticket number.
Is this the same unit that has to be power recycled after the software upgrade?