EX2012 cnPulse not showing stats?

When i run the cn-sync statistics cnpulse i’m seeing that it has visible satellites but for all other fields its blank…

On a PMP450 connected on a port it gets sync on port from the cnMatrix but under statistics doesn’t show any pulse statistics for visible or tracked satellites

is this normal?

Hello, this issue is resolved in the upcoming 4.3 release, scheduled for late May. The beta version is available at cnMatrix / Cambium Networks Support.

@CSup have you ever experienced the cambium sync status go to not in sync? I am experiencing this and the only fix is turning cnpulse power state to off and then on again.

sorry for late reply, we’re still only just starting to test cnMatrix as most of our network are on CMM5’s but i’ll keep an eye out for this maybe @TamN can confirm if thats a known issue

Thank you for your reply…it goes out of sync and for some reason will not recover on its own… do the cnpulse antennas not like storms? I had both switches in sync for about 5 days straight and then a storm rolled through both towers and they went out of sync… but never recovered to in sync… only fix is turning the cnpulse state off and then on again. I have a tx 2028rfrp and it got it with storm, lost power at tower(a ups will be installed lol) for about 5 mins and power came back up and it was showing in-sync. did not have to turn the cnpulse power state off and on again.