EX2028P Not Powering PoE Devices

Hello Members
I have a cnMatrix EX2028P It worked perfectly for about 2 years, powering CCTV cameras, After that, it stopped powering the CCTV, It shows POE Detection Status: Other Fault on cnMaestro
I tested with other devices, like an IP phone, and still it couldn’t.

We took it back to Cambium for repair, and when they returned it, it worked for about 2 months, and the problem came back. What can I do?

Software Version 5.0.2-r4

passive poe 24v is not supported.

CCTV and IP phones use 48v, and mind you they were working and eventually stopped

Hi @TimoWanume
It looks to me like a hardware issue. Can you please open a support ticket and share the ticket number with me? We will diagnose it and see what we can do to help you with this issue.

Request #399089

This is the ticket