Entry in problematic SM logfile. Not sure what it is telling me.


AP 14.1.2B17  SM 14.1.2B17

Yes, also for me only in SM 450 model "i"

Have you exceeded your regions EIRP?

What is antenna gain set to?

Normal. The AP "power levels" all of the SMs every 2 minutes. Say the AP's "SM Receive Target Level" is set to -60. The AP can hear an SM at -70. And that SM is already transmitting at max power (typically 22dBm for a 5GHz SM running on a 5.7GHz frequency). So obviously it can't turn up its power any more.

My guess is that these messages were simply hidden is previous releases. And since this is beta, they might go away for build official.

George pretty much hit the nail on the head here.  This is actually a newer feature that we preivously weren't monitoring or reporting. Essentially, the SM is telling you that the AP would like it to turn up power, but it can't go any higher (whether due to regulatory restrictions, or hardware limitations). While this is safe to ignore, the information can actually be useful to you, because it might indicate that you're close to max range from an AP at that install site.

While the SM may still be ok if you're well above the noise floor, it's good to know when you're at max power range when you're evalutating your network or thinking about where to put a new AP.

I believe in some beta releases (and possibly release version of 14.1.1), the text in question shows up on the main page in red text, but I'm pretty sure the red text has been removed in 14.2 release (or possibly the upcoming 14.2.1 release) because some people thought the red text indicated a problem.