Export-Config from CLI of PMP450

AP and SM should be able to dump their xml config via the command line that way we can use rancid/oxidized to backup and maintain clean backups along with the rest of our network, and can restore the config via web interface.

This honestly should be there already i can't believe it's not, its available via web interface, but no way to export from cli, no equivilent of "show configuration" from very other network device

Do you know you can save your config with SNMP?


exportConfigFile OBJECT-TYPE
SYNTAX DisplayString
MAX-ACCESS read-write
STATUS current
"Set to URL to immediately export and upload configuration file"
::={whispBoxControls 8}

You must have a web server to receive these update.

snmpset -v2c -c Canopy WHISP-BOX-MIBV2-MIB::exportConfigFile.0 s "http://my.server/path/"

Yep i know that exists, but that seems to be a roundabout way of doing a backup, vs using something like rancid or oxidized to a git repository that keeps change management and history available. a telnet/ssh with a show config to dump is the defact standard for every network device (every other network device)

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