Extended screen and pop out windows


When I have LinkPlanner on extended screen and I click something that a new pop out window appears, it appears on the other screen.

I have notebook and I am using another screen as primary screen, I am also working with LinkPlanner on full screen on main screen that is external extended screen. When I press, let's say I want to add new site, pop out window appears on notebook screen. This is a little annoying...I am waiting for the window, but it is already there - on wrong screen.

It would be great if this gets fixed :)

Using Windows 10 1809 (it was the same on 1803) and LinkPlanner 4.8.5.



We haven't been very consistent with the pop-up windows and dialog boxes. Most of the top-level toolbar commands create a dialog that appears over the main window, except for New Hub, which always appears on the primary monitor. The map toolbars create dialogs that are centred on the primary monitor too.

We'll fix this in a future release so that all dialogs and pop-ups are centred over the main LINKPlanner window. It may not make it into the next release now, but we'll try to get the fix ready soon.



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This issue has now been resolved in our latest LINKPlanner version V4.8.7



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It works, thank you.