Extending POE to 5750SM beyond 300' Ethernet maximum

We’ve installed at a location with a 470’ cable run, (400’ on a rooftop outdoors) so we do not want to put a switch/MiLan in the middle because we want to avoid running power.

So, we need some kind of ethernet booster that runs on, or passes through Canopy POE.

Has anyone extended their SM’s past 300’? If so, how did you do it if there is no power available within 300’ of th SM.

The Enable-IT 820 seems to claim to do the job:


Has anyone used this product and know of anywhere I can buy it? The company that makes it does not return my calls and their buy it now function on their website doesn’t work.

the 300’ isnt a rule, its more of a guide line. I have a couple 600+’ runs, if it doesn’t work reduce the ethernet interface on the SM to 10 meg and it will be fine.

If its a commercial account I would take a it a bit more seriously but inform the customer of what you are doing and what to watch out for.

My longest run was 890’ its working like a champ. They live a hole with no other utilities run to their house. They wanted to do anything to get it working. So we used cat6 and reduce the link to 10 meg. Also keep any slices out and make good ends.