External Antenna for PTP670

May I know where can I download the data sheet of the 2ft and 3ft high performance antenna with P/N RDH4508C and RDH4509C ?

The data sheet available from Cambium’s web site is for P/N RDH4508B and RDH4509B which has a small frequency range than the one required.

Those are just RadioWaves dishes. Just google the part numbers. Plenty of places to find the spec sheets.

For model RDH4508B and RDH4509B, they are Radiowaves antenna (HPD2-5.2 and HPD3-5.3). But for RDH4508C and RD4509C, seems that they are not OEM from Radiowaves as the frequency range does not fall in Radiowaves frequency range.

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They are from Radiowaves and correspond to their HPD2-5W and HPD3-5W antennas.


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