External E2E Controller - Connect First DN?

To connect the first DN to an external E2E controller - should this be able to happen completely within cnMaestro, or is some configuration required in the DN to get it connected?

I’m trying to understand the best practices as we try out our first external E2E controller.

Page 110 of the manual generally answered the question, I should have read a bit more before posting:

Getting the DN to communicate with the E2E controller was challenging. They could ping each other with their link-local addresses, but you have to manually get an external address on the DN before you have actual communication between the E2E controller and DN.

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Hi, Can you please take a look at this video below? It should be very easy to get your network up and running…


The problem that I could not get past is the “Auto Manage Routes” option is only for cnMaestro X. That is not specified in the video. I am not running cnMaestro X - and the instructions didn’t show how to do it with standard cnMaestro that I could find.

If you only have one POP, you don’t need auto-managed route. All you need to do is to configure the E2E to use the POP’s IPv6 IPaddress as the default route.

Hi uberdome,

Please see the external E2E/cnMaestro video here after 23:30:

Hopefully this should clear up the routing process.



I receive “Error 403, Forbidden” with that link after I log in.

I have already resolved the issue; it needed addresses manually, and then it worked correctly.

Thank you, Chris

Hello Uberdome,

I tried this and it work. Could you please try:


I generated this from the page as a sharable link.

Whilst you’ve fix this issue I would really appreciate you view on the video. There’s a series of videos designed to make is easy to setup various configuration.

60GHz cnWave: Installing a Standalone PTP Link
60GHz cnWave: Release 1.2 Alignment Tools
60GHz cnWave: Installing a Relay Topology
60GHz cnWave: Installing an External E2E & cnMaestro Managed Network
Precision Bracket Assembly

hope they help.

That link did work (But it wasn’t the same video you were originally sharing).

I will see if I can review some of these videos this week and try to provide some feedback.

Thank you, Chris

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