External Filters Setting

Does anyone know what this setting does? I have a customer who has very thick woods between the 900 SM and AP and their connection goes in and out constantly. I was wondering if this could help the situation. Thanks, -Ryan

That setting is for RF filters between the AP and the antenna.

Are you using an integrated or connectorized SM?

If you are using an integrated (built in 12.5dB antenna) there is not alot you can do but to elevate the sm above some of the tree line, make sure the SM is at full power, and check the alignment.

If you switch to a connectorized SM, then you can try using a 13 or 18dBi 900MHz Yagi antenna. A 13dB yagi performs better than the 12.5dB panel due to better off-axis rejection and better pattern control. An 18dBi will burn a hole (not literally) right through.

Jerry We are using the integrated antenna. the trees are very mature. Most being 60-70ft tall. More info about this would be that we tried to install his neighbor 300yards away and couldnt even get a signal at 1.3 miles. very thick woods!

we are also living in the land of the trees and have several 900 cyclones running.

we started with 25 of the panel with mixed results.
some of the stuff is way up at the tree line and we get good results, but when you get into the thick of it no go.

we are now using the 13 db yagi’s and are having way more sucsess.

good luck