Extract contents of PKG2 file?


another quick question … the s/w updates come in <version>.pkg2 format, which seems to be a java serialised format. Is there any way to extract the files from that ‘package’ … what I’m looking for is the ‘boot.bin’ file, such that I can manually upgrade SM’s, using telnet, from a tftp machine


I managed to obtain a boot.image file (about 2 MB) in the following way, but I don’t know if it is what you need.
Please note that I discovered that just by chance. I just misconfigured my firewall and was having problems upgrading my SMs.

connect two SM
use a NAT box to redirect port 23 to first SM (telnet), and ports 20-21 (FTP) to the second one.
CNUT will see one host and will try to upgrade the firmware uploading the file via FTP. When the transfer is completed, it will try tu send a command (burnfile/burnflash) using telnet. At this point, an error will come out because the telnet will be redirected to another SM that doesn’t have such file.
Just login to the first SM using an FTP client and get the boot.image file still there.


Very good BigTrumpet … thanks for that, it’s just what I need :slight_smile:


If you use linux and CNUT you can do this:

Start an upgrade, when it starts transferring files switch over to a terminal and type the following command (use sudo, or su to run it as root)

iptables -A OUTPUT -p tcp --destination-port 23 -j DROP

That will block outgoing telnet connections so it won’t be able to run burnfile. It has to be able to connect to telnet before it will start ftping the file, that’s why you have to run that while it is transferring.

ftp to your unit and get boot.image

iptables -F will clear the firewall table. Careful if using this on a machine that you may have rules on

Thanks for the tip BigTrumpet

Is the boot.bin all that is required to update the SM?

I thought there was a .jbi file as well?

How do we get that, if needed?