Extrange - has anyone seen this before?

This has happen to us in two ocassions since upgrading to 8.2. AP does not have “alternate freq. option”, 98% of radios on network are 8.2 and looking at system uptime for the AP in question (5.7 GHz) you can tell nothing on it has changed. What our field techs are seeing when they go to the “AP evaluation page” on the SMs is two APs with same MAC, same color code, but different frequencies. This has happened in two different APs and the funny thing is that while this is present, the SM will not register although link conditions are excellent.

Anyone seen this before?

What is the region code on that AP?

Regio code is: "Other"
Set as default by upgrede process

You will have the alternative frequencies if you choose Europe for example, but then the DFS will be on, and probably you don’t use it since it went automatically to other.

8.2 relese says that you have to set to factory defaults and then configure again in order to have alternate frecs. this will force you to select one country code


This doesn’t explain what you saw, but may be of related interest. The SM’s AP Eval page shows APs seen in the last 15 minutes, so if you change the frequency of an AP, AP Eval will show the same AP twice, with different frequencies, for 15 minutes. Then it is back to only one AP.

But you didn’t mention changing the frequency of the AP, and even if you did, the SM should still register on the latest frequency. So still hmmm.