Extreme weather tricks

http://www.on.net.mk/photo/mrezata_na_o … 03538.html

http://www.on.net.mk/photo/mrezata_na_o … 03557.html

I feel sorry for you guys wherever you are located. ICE!

That is amazing. Thanks for the picture… I don’t have as bad as I thought

We are WISP in Macedonia, small country between Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania and Greece. We have wireless backbone trough whole country and we are providing Canopy access for more then 500 schools located everywhere.

The pictures are from mountain top Pelister, 2600 m high. This is situation in the beginning of December; I can’t imagine how it will be in January.

There should be a case study about us :slight_smile:

those are some truly amazing photos! did the equipment still work after that?

It May be a good time to invest in heat strips!!!

I’m afraid we wouldn’t have internet until spring if it was my job.

Yes they are working. There were some snow showers after our visit. There are two 2.4 BH, distance 22 and 16 miles, and one 5.4 BH distance 12 miles.

I don’t think that ice is the real problem on this site. If I get a compact block of ice and the backhauls are working (they should be) it will hold on until spring. The problem is wind witch could get up to 250 km/h. Wind was the reason for intervention on the site, one of the reflector dishes was broken. This new reflectors are much worse then the old ones. If I have to invest in something that would be
https://www.lastmilegear.com/catalog/pr … cts_id=149
https://www.lastmilegear.com/catalog/pr … cts_id=335
and a radon.

Yes these are the units i also use.
Those are just great pictures. Thank you for sharing them.

That is awesome. Do you guys take snow mobiles up to the site?

Canopy_Support wrote:
That is awesome. Do you guys take snow mobiles up to the site?

Yes we do.
This is one of the main sites witch belong to the national broadcast company. They have crew there and their shift changes every week. They have many interesting stories to tell, like ice and wind rip metal, ball lightnings insede the rooms etc. Downwards our crew goes by feet :)

That is amazing site to see, luckly for us we are in tropics and never have to run in to issues like that. My Exgirlfriend is from Macedonia she never really explained to me that it had those kind of condiotions.

Good Luck! :shock: