Extremely Hot Temperatures on PMP 450


I have been monitoring the temperature on all of our radios due to the heat wave that is scorching us on the East Coast (NJ). Our primary AP (PMP 450 MicroPoP Omni) is rated for temperatures around -40°F to 140°F (-40°C to 60°C), 0-100% non-condensing. These days, I have seen the AP reaching a temperature above 154 °F, which is above the manufacturer’s operating level. I wonder how many of you have seen extreme temperatures affect your network environment. Right now I don’t see any signal degradation due to temperatures, but I’m pretty sure heating will reduce hardware life soon.

Tell me about your experiences…

The temperature rating is for ambient air temperature, but the temperature sensor reporting the device temp is internal to the radio, so it will pretty much always report a higher number than the ambient temp, particularly if the unit is in direct sunlight.

I say you have nothing at all to worry about. If the ambient air temperature outside gets to 140F you have much bigger problems than the AP failing.


We’re in the high desert here and have had ambient temps above 100F. We have many different PMP450 AP’s deployed and have never had issues.

I have been running 450 gear since its inception in Arizona (up to 120F) with no issues.

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