F300-25 disconnecting for no reason

I’ve had three subscribers on two different APs disconnecting for no reason, for 2 months. I kept the customers connected and stopped charging them “until I have resolved the issue”.
One was on epmp3000 and two were on epmp3000L. After a month I resolved the epmp3000 subscriber by running 4.5.6 on the AP and 4.5.4rc7 on the subscriber - I tried every combination of firmwares until I found that this combo stopped the disconnecting - crazy but true.
The others were disconnecting hourly and finally resolved last night by running 4.6.1.
I was of course told by support the problem was interference, which I did not believe - imagine if your competitors could make your customers disconnect from your network by broadcasting on the same channel, haha.
4.6.1 is looking great on an epmp3000L and a f300-25 SM.
P.S. GPS had stopped working on this AP and I was going to replace it. It’s working again since this new fw update.


I mean, I’m not saying it was or wasn’t Interference but there is a reason it is always the first thing everyone suspects. It doesn’t even have to be a competitor, it is very often the client’s own devices or sometimes even their neighbor’s. The $450 SuperNinja XXXXL Wide Super Quad Multi Mega Band 4Gigibait Monster Excalibur Zombie Killer Gaming Router is often the problem, or their little $25 Walmart Wifi Extender will usually be the problem or, more and more the Mesh stuff that you can’t even change any of the frequencies on are even better and they seem to always feel like they need to set one of them as close as possible to where their Internet radio is mounted… That’s just one of the awesome perks of wireless anything.


You mean we aren’t supposed to get new clients like that?!?!?!?!?

I always scrutinize my clients whom all of a sudden start having troubles. The question “what new device did you get within the last (use the number of days between now and when they say they started having problems all while using cnMaestro and MRTG to check the history)?” Usually gets a nothing, no new devices or we got a new wifi extender from Walmart. Once in a while I get to a trouble site and the neighbor has a new link to a competitor thats blasting right through our SM. Usually on full power (no I dont mean max legal EIRP, I mean 3W conducted plus antenna) with a 22db or greater dish antenna (from this I bet you cant guess what my competitors use!). Good thing most people will oblige you and unplug it to perform a test if you ask. I have even converted these neighbors to my system simply because they are having troubles since day one (guess why!).
In all seriousness, it could also be the SM itself, they do just up and die or it could be a power problem. We recommend to all client that they get a small UPS to filter the power and protect their internet connection from power related troubles. The upside is during a power outage they still have internet access for their devices as long as the wifi router is also on the UPS.