F300-25 Survives the Dunk Booth While Powered

This past Friday we had a very bad wind, rain, and lightning storm. One of our F300-25s, mounted out the top of a pine tree with a mast, was bent completely upside down with sheets of rain pouring into it. Install guys went out yesterday to restore service. PoE injector inside home had never been unplugged and install guys said all ethernet cabling was intact all the way to F300 ethernet jack. 

F300-25 could not be powered by our test Mikrotik or Cambium POE brick at surge suppressor (bypassed surge protector) at bottom of tree. Installers replaced F300-25 and mast. I allowed the original F300-25 to dry on my back deck all day today. I just hooked it up to a Cambium PoE injector, and it lit up. Logged into it using Aimed it at tower on my property, and it connected. Changed some VLAN information and was able to pull internet data. All seems to be good with this unit. Infact, using it now to make this post. 


Thank you for the post. Did you get any photos?

No, I was not on site, and the installers were already not tickled with being out on a Sunday so I am pretty sure they did not take any pics either.