F300-25 versus F300 CSM frequency list

Probably something stupid but noticed while configuring a pair of F300-CSM’s for a backhaul that the 20 Mhz channel frequency list goes down to 4950, which seems odd. Setting are all correct the US/North America but our existing F300-25 dishes do not offer those frequencies. Software is the same on both, and I thought the CSM radio and the F300-25 were essentially the same.

When I change to a 40 Mhz channel, the frequencies disappear. Don’t plan on using those available frequencies, but curious why the F300-CSM even has the option.


F300CSM obtained FCC grant for 4.9GHz.

But, F300-25 didn’t not.

Thnak you.

Thanks, so I will not go to jail then, LOL