Facebook Login not working?

Trying to setup a E400 with Facebook login and when we are getting to this step, facebook is giving us this message back. Anyone else run into this before or have any ideas?

Hi Daniel,

I am also seeing same issue on my facebook developer page. I am working internally no how we can avoid this.

Will keep you posted.

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Gupta Bobby

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Just to see if the given application id/facebook account has been red flagged by Facebook can you try configuring any other valid domain in this and see if Facebook app settings allows you to configure it. This will not work overall for the login flow but we will have one more data point if it's actually the URL which is the issue here. I was able to set this same URL in my app redirect URI for my live as well as development mode application. Also try to copy the complete URL which is shown in the cnMaestro->Guest  Portal->Social Login->Facebook->Reply URL

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