Factory reset on Force190 after power surge

Anyone else had this problem?

We had power issues / lightning around a customer site and when we went to check on radio, it had gone back to complete factory defaults (device name, frequency, keys, etc).

Hello Drew,

Did the radio had the "Reset via power sequence" feature enabled? you will find it under Tools->Backup/Restore page.



Hi Drew,

Yes, like Luis suggested, disable the "Reset via power sequence" setting to avoid this situation. It appears that the power glitch happened in a fashion that it triggered the factory reset procedure. 


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I will have to check! Thanks for the info!


Dear Team

Is there any way to remotely reconfigure a radio that has been triggered to factory default settings due to power fluctuations without physically visiting the location.

Is it possible to reconfigure a defaulted radio through cnMaestro since it was already onboarded before the factory default was triggered by electric power ?

If you have access to anything with SSH which is connected to it, then you should be able to SSH into the working device - configure an appropriate IP address - and then SSH into the defaulted device from there… and then you can configure whatever you need to (iP & Gateway) to be able to get to it’s WebGui

Dear Ninedd

Thanks for your response

Yes I have SSH connection to a working radio that has a managed static ip address
but when the radio has defaulted to factory settings all the IP parameters and Rf parameters will clean off.

Pls how else will i be able to SSH into the device that is no longer online?

My main Objective is I want to be able to reconfigure a factory defaulted radio remotely without physically visiting the location maybe through cnMaestro or any other way.

I suppose if you are truly desperate to not do a truck roll you could change the SSID of the AP to the factory default SSID (open I believe) then the radio will connect to the AP. Then SSH from the AP?