Failed - SM has no allocation on AP?

Does anyone know what this means. I have a CPE that sees 2 APs. One at -65 and the other at -72. No matter what I do, the CPE can’t connect to the stronger AP, it keeps getting rejected with the reason Failed - SM has no allocation on AP. It does however connect to the lesser signal despite the lower signal and quality.

Both AP and CPE running AP is an ePMP1000 and the CPE a Force200. The lower signal AP is an ePMP2000.

Hi - Are you running a new Firmware version? or 4.6.1? The reason I ask is that there were some older V2 and V3 firmware with a bug related to that, but a 4.6.x shouldn’t have any bugs.

Second question - is everything the same frame size? All 5ms frames? There uses to be issues with this warning, when there were mix/matched frame sizes. Again, I think that’s all resolved in 4.6 now, but just double check that.

Third question - are any of these AP’s the LITE version? Could you be limited to 10 stations on any of these AP’s and the stronger one which you can’t associate to… could this be the 11th SM on that by chance?

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Like Ninedd asked, is this AP a lite version?

This error usually refers to an AP that has no available sm slots. If your AP is an ek3 then you are limited to 64 SMs per AP, if its an e1k or e2k then ist 128 SMs. All of the lite versions are limited to 10 SMs.