Failed to reinitialize upgrade target filesystem CnPilot


We have a software update process for CnPilot APs, however, we have had certain difficulties with these updates, such as:

  • It is updated to the version recommended by CnMaestro to version, but we have network latency.

  • The APs are downgraded, to improve WiFi latency, version 4.2.3-r2 is left.

  • Some APs cannot downgrade to version 4.2.3-r2, it marks the result “FwFlashingFailed” indicating us with the message
    “failed to reinitialize upgrade target filesystem.”

What is the cause of this “FwFlashingFailed” error and how to solve it?

Hello Diego Ramirez,

Can you please let me know on which AP you are facing this issue ?

Firmware download on AP is not successful due to which you are seeing following error “FWFlasingFailed”, can you please try to reupgrade the AP one more time and see still you are facing the issue or not.