Failure when upgrading 2.42

We’ve had on premise cnMaestro running on our network for sometime. However, are are in need of the features that are available on the newer versions, so it is time to upgrade. The upgrade has not gone well. I made the decision to upgrade incrementing thru the releases. 2.42-r31 was running. I performed a backup and downloaded the backup. I started the upgrade process with the 3.0.0-r34 OVA file thru the gui interface. The file uploaded and I was eventually prompted to apply the new version. I clicked the button to start the process. Eventually, the gui reloaded with a big Service Temporarily Unvailable! please retry message. It has been 16 hrs and no change in the message. I have to assume the upgrade is borked. But Wait! there’s more! I had logged into the console early in the process to see what services were running and found several cnmaestro-xxxx services available thru the 'service status cnmaestro-xxxx ’ and there were a couple reported running in my query to ps -aux, so, not knowing the ins and outs of lower levels of operation, I logged out and waited. Today, after 16hrs or so, I try logging into the console with the prior login and I’m getting the dreaded ‘login incorrect’ with our credentials and I have tried the default cambium/cnmaestro login as well to no avail.
How do I go about recovering this system?

Do you have a prior snapshot/backup you can rollback to? Regardless, I would open a support ticket with Cambium (1) to help in case of no backup and (2) assist with the upgrade if restoration of backup successful.

I have a backup I downloaded from the gui just prior to the upgrade process. Right now, we are trying to restore a backup made by our vm backup processes. If we get the backup restored and running, I’ll try the upgrade process again.