Falla en llamadas por whatsapp ap e600

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me podrian ayudar ya que tengo una red con 16 ap cambium e600 el problema que presento es que cuando se reciben llamadas por whatsapp y me muevo de lugar las llamadas se pierden en algunas ocaciones se reconectan pero sufro cortes al intentar conectarse al ap con mejor señal
tengo activado el roaming y tambien tengo buena cobertura wifi

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Hello good morning

Could you help me since I have a network with 16 cambium e600 ap the problem I present is that when calls are received by whatsapp and I move from place the calls are lost on some occasions they reconnect but I suffer cuts when trying to connect to the ap with better signal

I have roaming activated and I also have good wifi coverage

If you can provide the MAC address of the station along with a tech support log from the AP the station receives the whatsapp call from and then a tech support log from the AP after the station roams then we can look into any possible issues.