Farthest link with 900mhz integrated ant.

What is the farthest link you have been able to achieve with the 900mzh integrated antenna?


We have a 17.68 mile link from our 150ft. tower (hpol omni, 10dbi I guess) to an integrated SM at a client’s house, which is about 40ft. in the air AGL. LOS, of course. good signal: -72 to -75, low jitter, perfect linktest.

We have a few NLOS links of a few miles.; Canopy doesn’t like more than that, as expected at 900mhz.

It seems to me that as long as you know what you’re doing (hpol, keep far away from any interference, notably 900mhz portable phones) you can get silly distances at 900mhz. If I took one of those nice m2inc 17dbi yagis, wired it to a connectorized SM and went on something high like a grain elevator, I could probably do 30 miles to our omni. (note I didn’t actually calc. fresnel zone for that).

We have two 900 MHz subscribers at 18 miles (LOS) using the 12 dB “surf boards”

-72-4 dB, Jitter of 2, 30 feet end user height, solid

you can get close to 20km, to make this stable you will need a decent antenna maybe a yagi or a grid,… thoe im not sure you can get 900mhz grid… best of luck :wink: