FCC 5.4GHz approval


Do we have any estimates when the FCC approval for 5.4 GHz may happen?

Thank you,

We’re still working toward an “end of this month” release.

Great, thank you. So, does that mean it has been approved and we are just waiting on the firmware then? Or are we hoping for approval by the end of the month?

Thank you.

We just yesterday received signoff from the FCC (this was holding things up), and are planning to release the software very shortly!

That is great news. Thank you for the update.

How is progress on the FSK compatibility coming? Should we look forward to that in the next release as well, or will that be later on?

Thank you.

That’s great news. Is it also the reason that 450’s are on back order right now, including the AP’s?

5.4 is out and working, along with iGPS.