FCS Errors

We seem to be getting about 8 FCS errors in about 2.3 million packets from a BH running 7.14

This number was about 30 in every 5000 packets when we were running

I know that the number now is very small, but there should be none really seeing that this is an ethernet cable.

Any clues? Do you think there could be a cable issue? My feeling is that if it were a cable issue there would be a higher increment rate.

I have switched the port on the switch too. The HP switch is running the latest firmware.

Is the cable Outdoor rated as well as shielded? We had been using Best Tronics for our installs, but the last batch we received developed tears in the jacket. Water found its way into the cable. Big time errors.

Are the errors on the BH Ethernet Stats or in the HP stats?

We changed cables and this solved the problem. Is your BH in a dense RF environment?

Cable is outdoor and in a PVC piping.

on the BH Ethernet stats we see:

inoctects Count 849767031
inucastpkts Count 106344378
Innucastpkts Count 815278
indiscards Count 0
inerrors Count 801
inunknownprotos Count 0
outoctets Count 211739705
outucastpktsCount 105121895
outnucastpkts Count 1116983
outdiscards Count 240718
outerrors Count 2
RxBabErr 0
TxHbErr 0
EthBusErr 0
CRCError 0
RxOverrun 801
LateCollision 0
RetransLimitExp 0
TxUnderrun 2
CarSenseLost 0

on the HP we see the FCS errors…

How long are the cable runs? How do you have the negotiation set in the BH and the switch ports? If they are both set to auto, try forcing them to a speed and duplex. Also, some people have had success bumping the speed down to 10 Mbps.

I suspect this is an issue.

When we switched the BHs from to 7.1.4 the FCS errors when down to a fraction of what they were.

I suspect that if we switch our APs to 7.3.6 this figure will again reduce.

Something that is doing is not being liked…

The cable run is around 30 meters.