Feature Key not found. on PMP 450b after upgrade to 21.0

After upgrade to software 21.0 this unit rebooted into a blank config, and “Maximum Throughput : 4 Mbps Aggregate”. The event log reports “Feature Key not found.”.

Log from cnMaestro: “Failed Upgrade Timedout: Device is taking longer than 5 minutes, Last known status was: Rebooting device”

So far we have upgraded 60 devices (5 APs) and seen this issue on one unit so far. Is there any way to resolve this?

You’ll need to open a support ticket. They should be able to help resolve this.

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we had a number of SMs, and even a couple APs do this with this update (APs reported anti-cloning key not found, SMs reported 4m max throughput on a 450b)
Support was able to fix them.

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