Feature Request: Apply templates to multiple SMs at once

Much like I can select 20 SMs to get a software upgrade at once, I'd love to be able to select multiple SMs and push a template to them and have it apply them at the same time - or go one after another automatically.

Right now, I have to select them one by one and wait for the previous one to finish before I can manually start the next one. Very time consuming when you want to push a minor config change to 50+ SMs in the field.

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Hi ,

In order to push the template to multiple SMs at the same time, please select the Tower under which the AP of these SMs are there. Select the Device type as ePMP/PMP depending on the type and then template you want to push.

Now in the device selection grid just expand the AP and then you can find the select All SM checkbox to select all the SMs. This will select all the SMs across the pages that belongs to this AP.

Select the Start job now and Allow 20 devices to be configured in parallel.

This will push the template to 20 devices first followed by the other 20 and then finally 10 devices if you have selected 50 devices for config push.

If you want to select SMs across APs then expand each AP and then select the SMs under each AP using Select All.


You can also navigate to higher levels like a Network or System level if you want to select a larger group of devices.

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Ugh! Why did I search for this and not be able to see what is right in front of my eyes!