Feature Request/Bug Report - Fix Maestro’s unsolicited inclusion of third party name servers, prevent DNS Leaks

Cross posting this from a previous post in the ‘Your Ideas’ from last year, unsure how to report a bug or a feature request or get it in front of the right people.

Request: Alert users to when using 3rd party DNS servers as part of the default config to prevent DNS leaks.

Maestro uses Google’s DNS servers by default but once you set your own IPv4 DNS servers, Maestro should not continue to append the Google DNS servers to resolv.conf.

I understand that not every organization may run their own DNS infrastructure but when customer name servers are configured in Maestro either:

*Don’t automatically include Google’s DNS servers.
*Ask to include Google’s DNS servers.
*Alert the user that Google’s DNS servers will be automatically appended and their private DNS information may be exposed to a third party name server.

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