Feature Request - DHCP Pool Size

We are thinking about setting up our radios in nat mode, with a DMZ.  The DMZ'd IP would be assigned to the customers router.  In order for the DHCP address to always be assigned to the router only 1 IP can be in the DHCP pool.  Currently, the radio does not allow a 1 ip pool for DHCP.  Anyway this could be changed?

This is clearly a bug.  Such a stupid one at that.  Why wouldn't we be allowed to do a pool size of 1???

Hi wvvamike, 

We will take a look into restricting the pool to 1 IP address.



Any update as to fixing this issue?

We don't normally use NAT mode, so I've not actually done this live, but (at least on recent firmware releases) you CAN set the DHCP subnet mask to, which should leave only one IP for the DHCP pool.  Assuming the IP on the SM is set to one of the valid IPs in that /30 subnet, IE there would only be available for DHCP.  



Thanks for the tip, I'll give it a try