Feature Request: Different color traces for each AP in a hub (PMP mode)

Is it possible? We have a lot of overlapping AP's in our clusters, Color-coding each AP would look awesome!

Hi Guilherme,

Yes you can do this in LINKPlanner  using the Channel Plan feature and allocating a frequency carrier to each AP, see our article on the Knowledge Base "How to create and use PMP Channel Plans", http://community.cambiumnetworks.com/t5/LINKPlanner-FAQ/How-to-create-and-use-PMP-Channel-Plans/m-p/40639#U40639



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Sorry for the delay.

My main problem is that i have a lot of overlapping sectors, and it is not immediatelly clear to which sector from hub X station Y is connected, because all the lines are green, and point to the same hub.

Hi Guilerme,

We are currently working on enhancing our Link Formatting capability to include PMP Links and have longer term plans to be able to apply rules to sites, AP, SMs etc. This will allow you to have more control over how the links, etc are displayed, which I hope will give you the capability you are looking for.

I am sorry that I can't give you an exact timeline for when this feature will be released, but hope that you will see some improvements in our releases later this year.